Easy Weeknight Recipes

January 30, 2016

A very belated Happy New Year from The Whole Tulip! We’ve stared out the new year with a bang, literally, working on lots of new projects for you and ourselves (can kitchen updating be fun for both of us?!). Living without a kitchen can be challenging, especially when you like to cook, and have few options for healthy take out. Here are 3 super easy weeknight meals we’ve been turning to in the new year and wanted to share. If I can make this chopped kale salad without a kitchen, so can you! xo, Carolyn


Chopped Kale Salad. So easy, and so delicious. My husband loves it. Try adding some shredded rotisserie chicken to it for a super simple meal. The key to this is a good olive oil. If you missed the piece on 60 minutes about olive oil, it is worth a watch. And, here is the link. Long and short, 70% of the olive oil imported into the US from Italy has been cut with another oil like vegetable or canola. So, what was once a heart healthy oil is no longer and thus adding to an unhealthy balance of Omega 6’s in our diet. We love to get our olive oil from Pour Olive and from Zia Pia imports in Charlotte. Local businesses supplying 100% olive oil.
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