Quick Clean Beauty Round Up

August 29, 2019

Clean beauty is something I have increasingly become passionate about and an area where I am still learning a lot. My hope is to learn more and pass that information on to you as well as fun products I find along the way. I have always had to rely on ordering my products online and reading reviews, and I am so excited that a clean beauty store finally opened in Charlotte, Aillea.

I had the pleasure of going on a tour of the gorgeous new Park Rd Shopping Center store with the owner, Kathryn. I could have talked to Kathryn all day. She is so passionate and knowledgable about the importance of what we put on our largest organ, our skin. In the US, the beauty industry and the food industry and not so different – there are very little transparency and regulation on labeling. Kathryn informed me that the EU has banned or regulated over 1,300 ingredients in personal care products while the US has only banned 11 . 

Kathryn personally curates all the products for her company and she has very high standards on what ingredients are allowed in her products – everything is free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, endocrine disruptors or other toxic chemicals, and not tested on animals. There are products carried on other clean beauty sites that she will not carry because of specific ingredients.

Here is a quick round up of some of the amazing products I have had the pleasure of trying so far. Kathryn made a good point and it is a lot like I coach with food. The change doesn’t have to happen over night. When you run out of something like a blush, tinted moisturizer, eye cream – make a swap and eventually you won’t be covering your body in those hormone disrupting toxic ingredients anymore.

If you want to try some new things – this weekend it the perfect time! They are having a Stock up and Save 15% Labor Day Sale! Use code LD2019


Indie Lee Squalene Facial Oil: If you buy one thing in this sale, this is it. Do not be scared of facial oils, I promise, it will not make you greasy or break out. I get a beautiful subtle glow from this product and I’ve have noticed the texture of my skin has improved and it helps retain moisture.


Organic Bath Co Body Lotion: This body butter is amazing! It melts into your skin and has a light refreshing smell. Body lotion is something you put all over your body so it is worth the upgrade!




Olio E Osso Lip and Cheeks: This product is a must. It gives your cheeks a beautiful glowy finish and adds a pop of color and moisture to your lips. I love a 2 in 1 product. It adds so much just to throw on and run out the door.




Ilia Tinited Moisturizer: I know the department store cult favorite and it’s time to make a change. The is a light tinted moisturizer that is buildable so you can throw it on or build it for a night out and it does not feel heavy at all.




Lili Lolo Mascara: I’ve shared this one before. Mascara is so important to switch. Your average mascara has known carcinogens and fermaldahyde. As much as mascara sneaks into your eye, I think it’s worth it to keep those ingredients out.




Innersense I Create Volume: I didn’t think I needed volume until I tried this product. It makes me look like I’ve just gotten a blow out. It adds just the right amount of volume while smoothing your hair from any fly away.





Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer: This is truly the most incredible moisturizer. It highlights and moisturizes the skin beautifully. I listened to a podcast with Tata Harper this summer (The Natural Beauty Movement & Eating Your Way to Healthy Skin) and was blown away by the detail she puts into every single product from growing to harvesting, creating formulas and packaging. You can absolutely tell the difference in these products that have so much thought and attention put into them. Tata Harper’s entire line is truly a clean beauty must.

Here are some products plan to try in the sale.

Kjer Weis Cream Foundation 


I’m usually a liquid person, but I have only heard the most amazing things about the Kjer Weis Foundation Cream.



Clove and Hollow Makeup Melt

Don’t you just love the feeling of getting all your make up off at night? I love using a coconut oil based cleanser at night and literally just see all that makeup come off in a cleansing towel. I’m excited to try this one by Clove and Hollow.


Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

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