Halloween Survival Tricks

October 24, 2019

David Menidrey

Let the sugar meltdowns begin! I feel like the sugar rush starts now and ends in January…when everyone is sick. We know sugar can have many negative health effects like cravings, weight gain, blood sugar problems, increased risk of heart disease, and sleep issues just to name a few. Did you also know sugar suppresses the immune system for 4 hours? Not only can sugar have long term effects, it also can literally make you sick. We all know we are about to board the sugar train over the next few months, and here are some tricks to keep the temptations away, lessen the cravings, and boost the immune system. All of this will bring a much more pleasant Halloween and forthcoming holiday season.

  1. Eat Blood Sugar Balancing Snacks. When the blood sugar dips, we feel starving, we reach for a quick bolt of energy, and it usually comes in the form of a refined carbohydrate. The problem is, that is not long lasting energy, and then we are hangry again and the roller coaster continues. Having macronutrient balanced snack will help solve this problem. This may read to be more complicated than it is. Essentially, try and provide your kids and yourself a snack with fat, protein, and carbohydrate. That may look like apples and nut butter, pistachios and grapes, Green Smoothie, Apple Nachos, Granola and Coconut Yogurt, pretzels and hummus, toast with peanut butter, banana and hemp seeds. All snacks we know, but just remembering to add that fat and protein in, will really make a difference.
  2. Eat Before! We’ve said it, you’ve read it, but why aren’t you doing it? Time. There is no way around it, you must think ahead before you head out the door for Halloween or any party. I give my kids Linner (lunch & dinner before 5 pm) before we head out the door. Even if there is going to be pizza at our neighborhood gathering, I still get some protein, fruit and vegetables in them. I may do some chicken, spinach and apples or black bean and cheese taco, frozen brown rice and edamame. All things you pull out of your pantry, fridge or freezer in minutes.
  3. Don’t Forget About you! While you are focused on the kids and keeping their crashes at bay, don’t forget about you and what you are going to eat. I always like to make a soup and put it in the crock pot while we are out trick-or-treating so I have something wholesome to eat when we get home. Eat a linner yourself before you leave the house and you won’t be so tempted with the treats out there. Here are some easy soups that can sit in your crock pot on warm or easily be warmed.
    Spider Web Pumpkin Soup
    Slow Cooker Burrito Soup
  4. Load up on the Fruits and Veggies. Easier said than done, right? Do not underestimate their immune boosting power especially this time of year. Here are some kid approved smoothies where you can sneak in loads of immune boosting micronutrients.
    Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie Bowl
    Pumpkin Orange Immunity Booster SmoothieAnd, if your kids just literally will not drink them (I know, I have one), there is Juice Plus. It’s fruits and veggies  put into a capsule or gummy form. My daughter is not my best eater, but she does like me to open a Juice Plus capsule and pour it in her mouth. I know that she is getting such a variety of fruits and veggies that it gives me a little piece of mind. I never give up trying though and last night she was eating raw spinach!
  5. Reset Yourself. When it all breaks loose and you’ve lost complete control… stop and Reboot yourself. Take at least 3 days to eliminate all the high inflammatory foods including  sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol, soy, and caffeine. Hilliard Studio Method is leading a Reboot November 4-6 with Greenbrothers Juices & Smoothies and The Whole Tulip Recipes. I really like this reboot because you get protein and healthy fats from the smoothies and protein hearts plus phytonutrients and antioxidants from the juices and elixirs. You finish your day with one of our delicious simple whole food dinners. It is not a juice only cleanse! Add in some awesome sweat sessions at Hillard Studio Method and you will feel like a new person and ready to take on November and December! Click Here to Sign Up

Bonus Tip:

Don’t forget about the immune boosting supplements. I already mentioned Juice Plus, but Vitamin D3, Omegas 3’s for kids and adults, Probiotics for kids and adults are all basic essential. As always, consult your doctor before starting any new supplement regimen. First time customers receive 15% off – use code NEW-15-OFF

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