Thanksgiving Sides

November 20, 2019

A friend recently emailed me and said she has taken her daughters off gluten and dairy and seen a big difference and how should she navigate this while visiting her in-laws over the holidays.

Cutting out major ingredients like gluten and dairy is difficult enough and then you add explaining it to the outside world and implementing it. It’s not easy! I suggested to my friend to offer to make some sides. Everyone always loves help in the kitchen and how about making an updated version of of a classic side like Green Bean Casserole? Or a fresh, not completely cooked down greens like this Winter Kale Salad? This Roasted Winter Vegetables with Tahini Drizzleis a must! So easy and delicious. A friend just told me, “I wanted to put that Tahini on everything!” Here’s a twist on an old favorite Maple Mustard Brussels Sprouts. You might blow some minds with the microgreens 😉

Bring something new to the table this year and start a conversation. Be sure to tag @thewholetulip if you happen to make any of our recipes.

Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s be grateful for this day and each and every day!

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