5 Worst and Best Snacks

May 16, 2016

Snacks. We regularly get request for ideas and for them to be quick and easy. We get it. Our kids ask for snacks too. It is something about the word “snack” that they love and not the idea of a meal. We are on an on-the-go society that likes portable so we can keep going on not have to sit...

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5 Ways To Cut Down Your Grocery Bill

March 22, 2016

The food system is crazy confusing. It is half the reason we went back to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. We were so confused about what we were “supposed” to be eating and while we thought we were buying healthier food based on what the box said, we were not. To help people take the overwhelm out of grocery shopping,...

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Our Top 5 Green Beauty Essentials

March 8, 2016

Similar to the food piece of the health puzzle, greening your beauty routine does not happen over night. We have slowly been integrating the clean beauty products into our lives over the past several years, but recently it has become a lot easier and more affordable to do so with more online retailers selling all clean products like The Detox...

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Daily Cleansing Tips

February 5, 2016

Do you ever wake up with any of these symptoms Monday (or any) morning? a.) eyes are more puffy then usual and are not opening as wide? b.) skin is a tight and dull? c.) digestion is off? aka too many or not enough trips to the bathroom. These symptoms could be due to eating out over the weekend and...

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Easy Weeknight Recipes

January 30, 2016

A very belated Happy New Year from The Whole Tulip! We’ve stared out the new year with a bang, literally, working on lots of new projects for you and ourselves (can kitchen updating be fun for both of us?!). Living without a kitchen can be challenging, especially when you like to cook, and have few options for healthy take out. Here...

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What supplements do we take? Limited Time! 15% Off All Metagenics Supplements

November 2, 2015

Supplements For Immune Support Here are the recommendations and the products we find to be consistently helpful for both preventing and fighting infections. These are only recommendations and everyone should consult with their own physician before starting any new supplement plan. These are the particular products we have used and most commonly suggest for our clients. “An ounce of prevention...

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10 Tricks For Avoiding The Treat Cravings

October 28, 2015

Eat regularly throughout the day. Often we go too long and our bodies go into starvation mode and we crave sugar. Same goes for the kids! Adding cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, or cloves to meals or smoothies to naturally sweeten food and help balance blood sugar. Consume more clean protein to balance blood sugar. Sick with low-glycemic fruits like green apples,...

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What is kombucha?

October 17, 2015

I (Carolyn) was in the grocery store the other day and the woman in front of me was buying a lot of kombucha. The woman behind me knew her and said, “oh, are those for your kids?” The woman buying them said, “no, they are for me. I’m trying to stop drinking soda and drink these instead.” Then the woman...

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Best Foods to Eat Post Workout

September 23, 2015

The warm days of summer are slowly fading and as we get back into the school morning and carpool routines we are also finding the time to get back to taking care of ourselves.  In addition to the nutrient dense foods that we advocate and fuel ourselves with each day, it is equally important to find the time to workout! ...

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