Nourished Beginnings Workshops

Parenthood…it’s filled with endless love, adoration and snuggles, deep inhales of that sweet little head, and amazement as you watch them grown and learn. It is a life changing, awe-inspiring experience. Literally you have made a miracle that is life.

It also brings an exhaustion that defies description, a body that you hardly recognize through bleary eyes and yo-yoing weight. Just when you get on a “diet” and loose a few pounds, it comes creeping back because of vacation, summer, or life just “shows up.”

You have set foot in uncharted territory, and the last thing on your mind might be how to care for yourself with foods and techniques that will nourish you. (hint: it’s NOT cereal.)

Does this sound familiar?

Just as you pour yourself a bowl of cereal, your infant wakes up, needs to be feed, has a dirty diaper, and your dog is whining incessantly to go out. Oh, and if there is another little one in the house, they are begging you for a snack or to play. Before you know it, your bowl of cereal is soggy and an completely unappealing. AHHH!!!! Now your blood sugar levels have dropped and all you want to do is call your spouse and tell him how hard this is.


It’s Monday morning, and everyone got up late. You need to get breakfast on the table, lunches packed and your kids to the bus in 30 minutes. AHHH!! You throw some cereal at your kids, a sandwich in a bag, and get them in the car. Before the seat belts are buckled, they are asking for a snack and you don’t have anything. You get them on the bus, and now it’s time for your workout. You haven’t eaten so you just decide to grab some coffee after your workout. By this point your body is on a rollercoaster and unknowingly it is effecting your metabolism, your hormones and energy. 

Let us help you get off that rollercoaster ride…

We’ve been in those situations, and that is why we created these workshops. After all…

The food piece is confusing.
The self-care piece is forgotten.
Keeping your family healthy is endless.

Let us help. We want to share the knowledge we have as mothers and certified holistic health coaches to help you get through this wonderful yet challenging time as mothers.

Introducing The Whole Tulip brand  workshops to help navigate this beautiful and complex time in our lives.

Nourished Beginnings Workshops

Wednesdays in May – 4th and 18th

9:30 – 11 am

Mind Body Shift Center 5200 Park Rd.
(where Selwyn Ave dead ends into Park Rd)
Charlotte, NC

Cost: $35 per class

Wednesday, May 4th

The Whole Tulip will present:

  • Quick and easy snack and meal recipes for energy including dairy, gluten, and soy free meals.
  • What foods to add to your diet for energy and what foods to avoid that will deplete your energy.
  • How to create a healthy foundation at home and get the nutrients in your children that they need knowing you can’t shelter them outside the house.
  • Tips for traveling this summer. How to keep it going when you are not at home.


Wednesday, May 18th

The Whole Tulip along with Integrative Pediatrician, Dr. Sheila Kilbane will present (learn more about Dr. Kilbane at

  • How recognize if your child has a food sensitivity
  • Allergy and food sensitivity friendly recipes
  • Foods to add into your child’s diet to make sure they are getting all the necessary nutrients.
  • Recommendations on supplements* for you and your kids to boost your immune systems.

*We will be offering 15% off all Metagenics supplements.

This workshop is now full. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please email us at and we will email you asap if a space should open up. 

Whether it is getting clear on which foods to fuel your body, having more peace at dinner/bath/bedtime, getting the right nutrients in your children, or to simply feel like YOU again – these workshops can help. We are here to help you create that healthy foundation for your family. One that uniquely suits you!

Let The Whole Tulip help you find the ease and joy amongst the chaos. Stepping into the process by learning techniques to care for yourself; so that you may better take care of others. We are fellow mothers who have been there and understand. Take strength from our support.

Questions? Please email us at