My journey to getting healthy started when I heard Carolyn talk at our preschool.  I was amazed by how much I learned about food, healthy eating & how it affects our well being during such a short talk.  I could immediately relate to Carolyn because she is so open in sharing her story & how much her life changed when she started putting healthy foods in her body.
I knew that Carolyn would teach me so much about eating healthy but I was not prepared for how life changing this experience would be.  Within 3-7 days, I started to notice big changes in how I felt.  I had more energy.  I felt more confident because I knew I was doing something great for myself & my family.  I felt inspired.  My taste buds started to change & I no longer craved sugary treats.  I could leave a chocolate bar at my bedside & not be tempted at all.  Before meeting Carolyn, that chocolate bar would have been eaten immediately!
I believe that the most amazing change is that after years of struggling with consistency & using food as my friend, I can now say that I have a healthy relationship with food.  I still love food but it does not control me or comfort me. It is something I eat every day to fuel my body with as many nutrients as possible so that I can feel great.  I see food as my fuel, my medicine & my armor so that I can better tackle the stresses of daily living.  It is amazing how getting control over one area of your life can have such a huge ripple effect.  I am more calm & at peace & can better deal with all aspects of my life.  So much of life is simply out of our control but we have total control over what we choose to eat.
Carolyn has taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food.  She has taught me a new way of life that makes me feel like the very best version of myself.  I could never thank her enough for such an amazing, life changing experience!  – Nancy, Charlotte, NC


Last June, a friend encouraged me to participate in a cleanse through The Whole Tulip.  I asked my husband if he would join me and we embarked on a wellness adventure!  Here are our top 10 highlights and benefits that we have experienced:

1) Lost weight without trying.
2) Sleeping better.
3) Increased energy levels.
4) Eliminated afternoon caffeine craving.
5) Reduced/eliminated allergy symptoms.
6) Eliminated indigestion symptoms (no need for antacids).
7) Discovered new foods that we LOVE.
8) Discovered foods to limit or avoid.
9) No sick doctor visits.
10) Our 9 year old son is excited about making a smoothie with kale for breakfast!

The Whole Tulip cleanse gave us a road map to follow and introduced us to a new way of thinking about REAL nutritious foods.  I would recommend this experience to anyone.  It has truly been a GAME CHANGER for our family! – Caroline Lamm, Charlotte, NC


After having my second child my eating habits started to really go down the tubes. I was making poor choices all of which left me so bloated and just tired all the time. After someone asked me if I was pregnant again…lovely…I knew I had to take control again so I decided to do a Whole Tulip Clean Eating Program. Within the first few days of the program I felt a thousand times better. My energy was back and the bloated feeling I had totally went away. The meals are all so easy and not at all time consuming. Their recipes can be prepped or prepared ahead which was critical for me. And everything is just delicious! This was just an amazing way for me to get control of myself again and learn the correct way to eat for my body. – Caroline Withers, Charlotte, NC

“I am believer in this new way of eating! After two days of ‘eh’ weekend choices I was bloated and tired. I now know what it feels like when I eat well and it is amazing. And to think I went through these up and downs all the time. I think the more I experience this, the less likely I will be to make poor choices. I believe that I deserve to feel good and now have the tools to do it!”

Courtney Gentleman
GE Marketing Leader
Charlotte, NC