What We Do

Whole Tulip Personal Health Coaching

A Focus on Bioindividuality

At the Whole Tulip we believe that the single most important thing we do to help our clients feel and live better is helping each person understand their bioindividuality. What is bioindividuality? A fancy way of saying that every person on this planet is unique and the foods and lifestyle choices that make one person feel their best may have the opposite effect on someone else. By understanding one’s bioindividuality we understand the foods that fuel our bodies and make us feel good vs. the ones that drain our energy and tax our bodies.

Bioindividuality is central to The Whole Tulip’s approach to personalized health coaching.

Who is Personal Coaching For?

While anyone can benefit from personal coaching, the clients who are generally the best candidates are those who have:

  • Specific health concerns they would like to address via nutrition. We help both adults and children uncover individual food sensitivities that cause inflammation in the body and can manifest themselves as anything from general fatigue to chronic GI issues. We have helped clients lower their cholesterol levels, manage diabetes, relieve seasonal allergies, manage GI issues and countless other ailments.
  • A change in life stage. As we move through different life stages our bioindividuality evolves. What worked for us in our 20s or 30s may not work as well in our 40s, 50s and beyond. We help clients evolve their diets and what foods best fuel their bodies. Many clients come to us when they’re getting married, thinking about starting a family or evolving their eating habits during and post pregnancy.
  • A desire to change their family’s diet. We help families find realistic solutions to move from processed to whole foods. Solutions that work for both kids and adults and don’t require hours in the kitchen.
  • Specific athletic needs. We help athletes dramatically improve their performance by tailoring their diets to support their athletic goals.


We begin each personal coaching relationship with an in-depth consultation ensuring we understand your personal health challenges and your specific goals. We then create a clear, realistic plan for you to meet and exceed your goals.

Each client’s plan is different based on their bioindividuality, and in each plan we define clear action items and goals.

Our basic personal coaching program is three months long and includes:

  • An in-depth initial consultation
  • A 50-minute session every other week to check in on your progress
  • If local, one session can be a grocery store tour
  • Clear action items and goals for each week
  • Email support between check-in sessions
  • Specific recipes to follow
  • Grocery shopping lists and tips

You’ll come away with:

  • An in-depth understanding of the American food industry and standard diet
  • How to read food labels
  • How to take simple steps to cook more and eat out less
  • How to save money while eating more organic foods
  • How to kick the sugar and processed food addiction
  • The knowledge to make informed decisions about the foods you eat

And perhaps most importantly, how to realistically incorporate these changes into your daily life and how to feel confident in your everyday food choices.


We often tailor personal coaching packages to individual clients so please reach out to us to discuss your unique needs.